All Settled In…Somewhat

Ahhhh, the smell of the fresh morning dew is refreshing. I’m all in my new place now and I loved waking up to the smell of the morning from my new condo. Although no furniture yet, (it’ll be delivered in 3 weeks) the openness of my new place is comforting.  My kids (dogs) seem more relaxed and when we got here yesterday they just ran through the whole house and loved it. I love where I live, it’s so quiet and peaceful, there’s a church at the end of my street and the big hospital is 2 blocks away.

This seems like it’s going to be so nice, I’m so excited. I have the BBQ grill be delivered next week so I can’t wait to cook out. I love to BBQ with friends and family. My family will be coming here at the end of July which will be great. Today the weather seems like it will hold out so I can finish moving my stuff from the car. Yesterday, it was raining so I didn’t move too much.

All is good and I feel good today. Haven’t had many thoughts about [him]. Lately, I’ve had someone in my life who has been so great. So, I’m enjoying my time and studying A LOT! I aced my last class and my next class starts on my birthday…fun.

Well, time to get up and get started with my day. Although I feel settled in, I know I’m settled in…somewhat.

Until Next Time,

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