Putting It All Together

7f78c-putting-it-all-togetherSo much to do, so little time. We’ve all heard that before. I’ve got school I’m doing, I’m looking for a new place to move to, I have friends with crisis’ I’m helping, I have a new Blackberry which I cannot figure out, and trying to hook up to my new car and it’s not working. I’m excited about what my life holds for me in the near future. There is a lot to be done with a major goal I’m working towards and my school work is going to get me there. I’m back on my feet (after my break up) and I feel better than ever.

I’m a stronger person now from what I’ve learned recently with my break up and I’m thankful God had given me the opportunity to learn and grow from my recent break up. I’ve moved on. I’ve made some new friends along the way of my new journey and I’m thankful for them being in my life. So, overall, I can’t complain. Life is good…and some days…they’re “Gooder than Good”.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,

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