Wanna A Great Air Check?

     I’m a recent major market on air personality in radio. Now, I want to help YOU sound the best you can on the air. Radio needs great sounding jocks on the air and I want YOU to be one of them. I’ve done radio in just about all market sizes. I’ve done radio from market 165 all the way up to market 4 and I’ve accomplished this from only being on the air full time under 7 years. I have a proven track record of consistently being one of the top ranked shows in my markets. I’ve also taught radio communications at George Mason University as a guest speaker.

     I can show you how to get noticed in the radio business, have a really great air check that will stand out from the rest, and make a great resume’ to get their attention.

     Submit your air check to me and I can edit it for you. I will also give you honest feedback and help you become a better air talent. I can also help with building your resume too.

     Wanna have a better air check? Contact me. I can also help in writing copy for your endorsements as well.

     Feel free to listen to my demo on the demo page to the left. I can also put your demo into video form as well. It’s free to send me your demo. Email me for more information and how I can help you.

Until Next Time,
Much Love,

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