A Little About Me

Hi!  I was recently a Program Director for a radio station with Cumulus Media. I graduated Magma Cum Laud with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Then, I went on and graduated with my Master’s Degree in Psychology. I’m also a member of the National Honor Society (SALUTE). I  have a Master’s degree in Psychology.  I’m a member of the American Psychology Association (APA). I am also an Air Force veteran where my last job in the Air Force was a General’s Aide at the Pentagon.

I enjoy writing in my blog. Mostly, I write about relationships. However, just recently I launched my own TV show online called “Everybody Has A Story” which is based on real life stories from everyday people. I travel around Colorado Springs and other places to find people who want to share their story. I find homeless people, waitresses, doctors, lawyers, Senior Vice Presidents of companies, military veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc… I find people who “represent” America. Their stories are real and candid. The people you see in the videos are not actors nor have they been compensated for telling their story.

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