TMZ Celebrity News for Ride Me

  • Kevin Hart Friends from Car Accident Share First Hospital Images
    Kevin Hart's 2 friends who survived that car crash with him are giving us a glimpse into their recovery for the first time since sustaining very serious injuries. Rebecca Broxterman, the backseat passenger, posted images of the driver -- and her… Permalink
  • Rod Stewart's Model Railroad Took Him 23 Years To Complete
    Sir Rod Stewart is a rock star with a super interesting hobby ... building model railways. Rod says he's spent the past 23 years creating an imaginary U.S. city in the attic of his Los Angeles mansion, complete with intricate details and over 100… Permalink
  • Kevin Hart's Blessings on Display After Shopping with Eniko
    Kevin Hart's got a good thing going ... and he appears to be trying to spread those vibes wherever he goes. We got Kevin out with his wife, Eniko, Tuesday after the 2 went shopping at the luxury boutique, Maxfield, in WeHo ... and he's his usual… Permalink
  • Kevin Hart Scoffs at Questions, Wants Paps to Focus on Living Life
    It's not like Kevin Hart wants paps to hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya' ... but he would like for peeps to focus on important things instead of stuff like safely operating a motor vehicle. The comedian was out Monday in WeHo leaving a studio where he… Permalink
  • Plane Slides Off Runway at O'Hare Airport in Snowy Conditions
    'Tis the season ... for winter weather to start wreaking havoc on airports across America, and a flight landing in Chicago is the first to majorly feel its effects. American Eagle flight 4125 was arriving from Greensboro, NC Monday morning when it… Permalink
  • Kevin Hart Gets Standing Ovation at People's Choice Awards
    Kevin Hart's getting back on his feet ... and he's got the support of Hollywood behind him. Kevin made his first public appearance since his scary car wreck more than 2 months ago, to accept the Comedy Act Award at the E! People's Choice Awards… Permalink
  • Kevin Hart Out for Dinner and Doing Well After Car Crash
    Kevin Hart is recovering so well from his car crash .... he's now hitting the town!!! Kevin and his wife, Eniko, rolled up to Mr. Chow Friday night in Bev Hills for a little grub. You wouldn't know he suffered grizzly back injuries from the… Permalink
  • Young Dolph Detained After Cops Say He Tossed Leafy Substance From Car
    Young Dolph was tossing handfuls of a green, leafy substance out the window of his Lamborghini before getting pulled over, according to cops ... in a scene straight out of "Super Troopers." Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Young Dolph was… Permalink
  • Kevin O'Leary Accused by Family of Crash Victim of Driving Boat Impaired
    Kevin O'Leary insists his wife, Linda, was driving their boat when it slammed into another vessel on a Canadian lake, killing 2 people, but the family of one of the victims that is suing O'Leary isn't conceding Kevin wasn't behind the wheel. TMZ… Permalink
  • Gucci Mane's Ferrari Was Towed by CVS, Club Denies Responsibility
    Gucci Mane's convinced the nightclub where he performed screwed him over and indirectly got his supercar towed, but the club's calling BS ... and laying the blame squarely on a drug store. A rep for Mr Jones Miami -- the club where Gucci performed… Permalink
  • Kevin O'Leary and Wife Sued for Wrongful Death in Boat Crash
    Kevin O'Leary and his wife are being sued by the family of one of the victims in the deadly boat crash. Rosa and Antonio Ragone are suing on behalf of their deceased daughter, Susanne Brito ... with their attorney, Patrick Brown, saying, "For this… Permalink
  • Gucci Mane Rants After His Ferrari Gets Towed from Miami Club
    Gucci Mane had a terrible night at the club -- he walked out to find his Ferrari missing from the parking lot, but eventually found it ... in a tow yard!!! Here's the deal ... the Atlanta rapper was partying at Mr. Jones in Miami Beach when he… Permalink
  • Anthony Scaramucci's Wife's Insurance Co. is Suing U.S. Government
    The Department of Homeland Security was anything BUT secure when it wrecked Anthony Scaramucci's wife's SUV ... so claims her insurance company in a new lawsuit. According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Deidre Scaramucci's insurer,… Permalink
  • Kevin Hart's First Interview Post-Crash, Drives Away in Muscle Car
    Kevin Hart must enjoy living dangerously, 'cause he's already getting into another muscle car similar to the one that nearly killed him ... seemingly without a safety harness, at that. The comedian was out at a shopping plaza Saturday in Calabasas… Permalink
  • Felicity Huffman Enjoying Life on the Outside in Porsche Style
    Felicity Huffman ain't letting probation life slow her down ... especially when she's got a classic Porsche. The "Desperate Housewives" star and her hubby William H. Macy were spotted riding around town Friday in his classic Porsche. He was behind… Permalink
  • Kristaps Porzingis Hilariously Stuffs Himself Into Tiny Sports Car
    Ever seen a 7'3" NBA center jam himself into a tiny-ass sports car??? Now you have ... 'cause Kristaps Porzingis shoved his giant frame into what appears to be a Tesla Roadster Monday night -- and the video is hilarious!!! The Dallas Mavericks… Permalink
  • Kevin Hart Crash Driver Jared Black Back Behind the Wheel
    Jared Black, the guy who lost control of Kevin Hart's Plymouth Barracuda, is back behind the wheel and doesn't look the worse for wear. It's pretty remarkable because Jared was really messed up after the crash. He and Kevin suffered serious back… Permalink
  • Kim Jong-un Rides White Horse to Sacred Mountain in North Korea
    Kim Jong-un might be on the verge of some major policy shifts, 'cause he just Paul Revere'd his ass to a snowy mountain ... where he traditionally likes to sit and think. The Supreme Leader/dictator released some interesting photos this week,… Permalink
  • Odell Beckham Sued Over Lincoln Tunnel BMW Crash
    Odell Beckham allegedly let his pal borrow a super expensive BMW -- and the guy wrecked it in the Lincoln Tunnel ... and now the insurance company is going after Odell for the cash. It all went down in 2017 when a company called Celebrity Motors… Permalink
  • Paris Jackson Busted for Speeding Near Hollywood
    Paris Jackson was hauling ass near Universal Studios Hollywood -- according to cops, anyway -- and ended up with a ticket in hand, but not for the amusement park. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Michael's daughter was busted on the 101 freeway… Permalink