TMZ Celebrity News for Ride Me

  • United Airlines Sued Over Refunds For Flights Canceled By Coronavirus
    United Airlines customers are pissed the airline is only giving them travel vouchers for flights that were canceled due to coronavirus ... so they're suing. Jacob Rudolph filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against United Airlines, claiming the air… Permalink
  • Elon Musk's Tesla Employees Making Ventilators Out of Car Parts
    Elon Musk's Tesla ventilators are a thing of engineering beauty and ingenuity, 'cause he's got his workers making 'em from scratch with stuff they got lying around their factories. Tesla just posted a tutorial video of sorts, giving folks a… Permalink
  • Jay Leno Pulls Off Side of Road to Help Owner of 1953 Mercedes-Benz
    If you're ever stranded along the side of the road in L.A. ... don't be surprised if you see Jay Leno pull up and ask you to pop the hood so he can get a good look at what's up. That's exactly what happened Sunday to luxury real estate agent Dwayne… Permalink
  • Passenger Boards AA Flight with One Other, Empty Cabins New Normal
    Just about every industry in America is being hit hard by the coronavirus -- but when you have the whole plane pretty much to yourself ... you know airlines are especially screwed. Meet Dan Nolan, who took an American Airlines flight Saturday from… Permalink
  • Six Flags Charging Season Pass Holders During Coronavirus Pandemic
    A rep for Six Flags contacted us to say the park is only charging pass holders who elect to continue to pay. If they do so, they'll be rewarded with a free pass upgrade. Those who do not want to continue to be charged monthly should reach out to… Permalink
  • Playboi Carti Arrested on Drug and Gun Charges
    Playboi Carti's been arrested in Georgia on drug and gun-related charges ... TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement ... the "wokeuplikethis*" rapper got pulled over in his Lambo Thursday for having an expired tag, and Clayton County officers… Permalink
  • Patriots' Team Jet Bringing 1.2 Million Masks from China Arrives In Boston
    4/3 -- 300,000 N95 masks are now getting a personal police escort to medical personnel who need them in New York ... in a New England Patriots truck!!! The Pats' team jet carrying over a MILLION masks for Americans has safely touched down in Boston… Permalink
  • Nick Cannon Pimps Out His Impala with Custom Nipsey Hussle Tribute
    Nick Cannon still has Nipsey Hussle in his thoughts and all over his classic car ... thanks to this sweet new artwork. Nick recently got his 1964 SS Impala's trunk repainted with a custom tribute to the late rapper -- who was gunned down in South… Permalink
  • Disney Theme Park Rides Available via Virtual Reality YouTube Channel
    Disney lovers can still get a healthy dose of magic during quarantine -- it's just a watered-down, digital version, of course ... but hey, anything to beat those COVID-19 blues, right? Turns out, the Mouse House has a YouTube channel dedicated to… Permalink
  • Pilots Exit Plane from Cockpit to Avoid Potentially Infected Passengers
    Two airline pilots in Southeast Asia abandoned airship after hearing they had potential coronavirus-infected passengers aboard -- and their escape is bonkers. The video, shot Friday, shows the AirAsia pilots -- moments after they landed in New… Permalink
  • New LAPD Guidelines Put a Pause on Towing & Ticketing Vehicles
    Los Angeles traffic cops are easing up on writing people tickets and towing away their vehicles ... and you have coronavirus to thank for it. L.A. City Hall sources tell TMZ ... the LAPD just issued new city-wide guidelines as a result of the state… Permalink
  • Jameis Winston Pushes SUV On Street, Somebody Sign Me!
    Jameis Winston is taking his offseason training to the streets -- literally -- pushing a 5,500-pound SUV up an incline ... in an effort to remind NFL teams he's still a beast! The 26-year-old just lost his job in Tampa Bay to some old guy ... and… Permalink
  • NFL's Cre'Von LeBlanc Surprises Mom With New Jag, 'Happy Cake Day!'
    Here's a challenge for you ... Try watching this awesome video of Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cre'von LeBlanc surprising his mom with a brand new car for her birthday -- and DON'T think about coronavirus! It's impossible!! But, we'll try ...… Permalink
  • Coronavirus Poses Problems for Thousands at U.S. Airports
    There is a mad dash to get back into the U.S. from various parts of the world, and it's causing pandemonium at the nation's big airports and potentially exposing thousands of people to the coronavirus. This photo is from O'Hare International… Permalink
  • LAX Says No More Handshakes In Wake of Coronavirus
    Certain parts of LAX are now a "no handshake zone" ... the latest precaution in the face of a daunting pandemic. Check out this sign from the Delta Airlines terminal at one of the world's busiest airports ... handshaking is a big no-no until… Permalink
  • NFL's DeMarcus Ware Gets Lap Dance From Shirtless Cowboy At 'DWTS' Show
    DeMarcus Ware gave playing with the Cowboys a whole new meaning Sunday ... the ex-Dallas star got a lap dance from a shirtless dude in rodeo gear -- and the vid is hilarious!! The future NFL Hall of Famer took in the "Dancing With The Stars: LIVE!"… Permalink
  • Robert Pattinson's Batmobile Looks Like a Vintage American Muscle Car
    Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight is a fan of classic American muscle cars, it seems, 'cause his Batmobile looks like it rolled straight out of a 1960's Detroit factory ... with custom touches, of course. Director Matt Reeves just posted a few photos… Permalink
  • Gal Gadot Flying Private Due to Studio's Coronavirus Concerns
    Fears over coronavirus are forcing Gal Gadot to create a bigger carbon footprint than she cares to -- she's back to flying private jets, but only at the behest of her bosses. Gal stepped off a PJ Monday morning in Atlanta, and it's becoming a… Permalink
  • Dog Found Dead After Delta Flight from Ohio to L.A.
    A family's dream of welcoming a new dog into their lives turned into a nightmare when the father went to pick up the pup ... and found a lifeless body inside the crate. A California man named Cory Mcjimson tells TMZ ... he purchased a 12-week-old… Permalink
  • Justin Bieber Dances Solo for New 'La Bomba' Music Vid with J Balvin
    Justin Bieber had all eyes on him on the set of his new music video ... and busted out some solo dance moves that look like prime GIF material. The Biebs was down in Miami Thursday shooting the vid for his upcoming single with J Balvin -- titled… Permalink